Not sure what that says about me but confinement is really not that different from my usual routine. I have the same amount of free time, shop the same way and am not making any real savings etc. Best part for me is not having to ‘deal’ with people, rush in the morning to do makeup, force myself to do social things or get out at the weekends – maybe I am made for hermit living? Also would say I have been ‘more’ social recently with friends since there is no limit of timezone / different working industries to stop us from catching up! And very grateful to be able to work from home, to actually enjoy it & not have big life changes to go through, have had enough in the past! Only downsides I see is not having a garden / pet to entertain myself with, but have plenty of other activities to carry on with. Maybe that settles my internal debate of getting a future flat in the city or a house in the suburbs – the latter might work, you can all come visit – or leave me be ! In the meantime the “house party” app seems like a lightweight / no commitment & fun way of video conferencing friends. Get me on Edinburgh – Mar 2020.

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